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Traditional Telephone Lines

All Of The Traditional Telephone Services For Your Business

Business rely on their communications for their day to day business. The telephone line is a critial part to every business. Most businesses uses their phone lines to take or place orders, to boost revenue.

We believe that a business shouldn't have to pay through the nose for their telecommunications services which is why we are dedicated to providing a low cost telephony solution for all of our customers.

At the end of the day, a telephone line is a telephone line, it travels down the same length of copper no matter who the provider is, so why pay more for the same service?

Hooper Technical Solutions Ltd is proud to be able to provide our customers with all of the traditional telephone services such as PSTN, PSTN Multiline, ISDN2 and ISDN30. If your business utilises any of these systems, contact us for a free quote to see if we can beat your current price. You have nothing to lose and potentially a lot to save.

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Do you think that you are paying through the nose for your telephone services? For a personalised quote and a full breakdown of your services, email us and we will try to beat your current price.