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Maintenance Plans

A straight forward maintenance plan to suit everyone

Critical System Monitoring

Our monitoring agent checks in every 30 seconds meaning that we can provide a proactive monitoring service to our customers.

Our remote monitoring tool watches over your desktops and servers to ensure that they are working at peak performance and our agent alerts us immediately to any potential issues which may cause downtime within your business.

Our RMM platform monitors the issues that people may overlook. Our RMM platform reports back about excessive processor utilisation, excessive network utilisation and climbing temperatures. Some of the many checks that we perform on a daily basis can help indicate to us whether something is wrong on your computer which helps us prolong the life of your computer system.

We have two types of maintenance plans available. The first plan provides you with all of the general maintenance performed on your computer remotely with no on site support. Our second plan provides our customers with all of the general maintenance included within plan 1, plus 2.5 hours on site technical support per month.

Critical Warnings

Excessive Processor Utilisation

Excessive Memory Utilisation

Excessive Hard Disk Drive Utilisation

Slow Fan Speeds (Chassis and CPU)

Excessive HDD Temperatures


Excessive Network Utilisation

High CPU Load

High Memory Utilisation

Climbing HDD Temperatures

Climbing Motherboard Temperatures

Maintaining Harmony

Businesses are required by law to ensure that all of their computer systems are up to date and protected against all known threats. For most businesses, this can be quite a tedious task and can take many hours depending on the number of machines that the business owns, how many staff are trained to perform the updates and other miscellaneous tasks.

Our remote management software ensures that all of your computers are updated every week, and in the event that a critical security patch is published, we will make sure that your computer systems are defended against these threats*.

We provide our customers with a trusted antivirus solution which we can monitor around the clock. This is included within all of our new maintenance plans at no additional cost to the customer. If you already have an antivirus solution in place, we will not be able to proactively monitor this but we will endeavour to work with the existing application to ensure your system remains secure.

Like every IT company, we cannot garuntee that your computer network will remain secure unless users are properly educated.

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