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Business Grade

Internet Connectivity Solutions

Providing a business grade internet connection

throughout the whole of the UK

xDSL Internet Connectivity Services

Providing customers with a reliable and responsive internet connection

Hooper Technical Solutions are proud to be able to resell various different types of broadband to our customers. We are able to support both Market A and B telephone exchanges and our prices are very competitive.

On top of being a small business, we also pride ourselves on providing a first class service to our customers with a more of a 1-to-1 approach instead of passing calls from person to person in a call centre.

DSL Acceptable Use and Traffic Management

How we provide our services to you and what limitations and restrictions are imposed.

Please note, all of our services are goverened by our wholesalers DSL Acceptable Use and Traffic Management Policy. A copy of this policy can be viewed by clicking the following link.