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Business Lines

Ideal for 1 to 4 concurrent calls. A business line allows you to connect individual handsets or connect to a phone system for additional functionality.

Only pay for what you use

A tailored service to suit your business needs

12 Month Contracts Available

Small & Mid-Sized


Brilliant for Growing Businesses

ISDN Complete

A great choice for growing businesses with DDI rental for direct dial for individual users. With a fixed monthly cost, no hidden fees, it is a flexible and cost effective solution for small to mid sized businesses.

Only pay for what you use, ensures improved budgeting

Costs include ISDN2 or ISDN30 line rental, DDI Number rental, plus extra features

12 Month Contracts Available

Small & Mid-Sized


Brilliant for Growing Businesses

SIP Trunking

The next step in digital telephony with additional redundancy features in place to ensure your business remains online whilst providing all your telecommunications services over a single converged network. Businesses no longer require two individual networks for their voice and data, a single infrastructure can now provide both services. SIP is a reliable and flexible service and will soon be used across the UK once the traditional lines are turned off in 2025.

Only pay for what you use, prices are lower for VoIP calls

Costs include SIP Trunk and DDI Rental plus additional features

One Month Rolling Contracts Available on all SIP Trunks

Failover Available for maximum possible uptime

Suitable for all sized organisations

Instant Provisioning Available*

Brilliant for growing businesses

* – Instant provisioning is only available during normal working hours only. Requests must be submitted in writing before any services will be provisioned. Services will only be provisioned if requests are received from authorised account contacts.

SIP Trunks carry a 30 day notice period which must be served before services are terminated. Notice to terminate services must be served in writing before any changes to your account will be made.

Due to the nature of our business, we may require additional identification or verification documents before any services are provisioned. We have been alerted by our wholesaler to fraud within the telecommunications industry which costs the tax payer thousands of pounds each year and leaves small businesses with massive bills which the customer will never pay. This is purely to mitigate any risk of this happening to our business.